Lone Star Beverages Is On Facebook

First of all, we have a very fancy Facebook page that you can find by clicking on the wonderful picture below, where we have all of our latest beers & wines that we have for sale, pictures of our shop, updates about the company and events at our store, and basically everything else about your local Craft Beer & Wine guys! Go ahead and LIKE us and tell your friends about us…trust us, we're awesome!.


Lone Star Beverages is All A-Twitter (tweet tweet)

If you are like us and love the “on-the-go” community that Twitter offers, then click this image below and become our follower! We tend to tweet photos of craft beer, what’s happening around the shop, what we just had for lunch and the aftermath photos, you know, just whatever we feel like you need to know. Everyone that follows us will get followed back and a personal message from us to you. Just think of it as a little “Hey, thanks for becoming one of our generous and loyal followers, we look forward to sharing with you what’s happening in the craft beer & wine world and hopefully serving you
with your next craft beer & wine purchase/experience in only 140 characters.


The Guys at Lone Star Beverages Like To Know How
They Are Doing

There’s no amount of advertising or marketing or giant billboards that can replace the importance of word-of-mouth referrals. Our company lives and breathes off of other people telling their friends/family/neighbors about us! We are a company that is founded upon and built by relationships! We value the relationships we have with our customers and hope that they pass our name around and tell other people about their experience. In order for us to have a central place where we can show the world how wonderful our customers are, we’ve joined up with Yelp to give you, our customer, the chance to tell us how we are doing. Click the image and tell us how to improve, what we’re doing right, and if you have any suggestions how we can better serve you.
So as you can see, we’re out there! Get on your social network of choice and find and connect with us because who knows, it might lead to something great!

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